Exhibition Park welcomes the Boulet family as this years honorary parade Marshals. Spectators, participants and the community are encouraged to show their support on Tuesday, August 20 at 10:00am by donning their Green Shirt Day tee shirts to convert the parade route into one that makes every other parade green with envy.

Exhibition Park is pleased to announce that all proceeds from the parade entries will be donated back the Logan Boulet Fund.




From a ripple to a wave to a tsunami. This one simple idea sent in a tweet from a stranger keeps Toby and Bernie Boulet going through the tough days. The days in which they miss their son so much, they can hardly breathe. 21-year-old Logan lost his life with 15 others in the Humboldt Broncos bus tragedy on April 6, 2018. But he was able to become an organ donor, saving the lives of six people and sparking a national movement known as the Logan Boulet Effect. That movement inspired more than 300,000 Canadians to register as organ donors since the crash – so many registrations that it’s difficult to track how many lives have been saved.

Being the Honourary Parade Marshalls for the 2019 Whoop Up Day Parade adds another wave to the tsunami of Logan’s Legacy. Bernie and Toby are extremely proud to call Lethbridge home and part of Lethbridge is Whoop Up Days!

“Mariko and Logan loved going to the Whoop Up Day Parade with family and friends. It was always fun” commented Toby.



The ripple actually began long before the devastating bus crash. On June 27, 2017 Logan’s mentor Ric Suggitt passed from a brain hemorrhage. His wife Jenn and their three children were given the news no one wants to hear – there was no activity in his brain. Jenn Suggitt turned to her children and said, “Dad isn’t going to make it. But we have an opportunity to save someone else’s life.” Ric’s donation saved the lives of five Canadians. As close family friends, the Boulets were devastated by Ric’s sudden passing. Later that summer, Logan told his dad, “One day, I want to become a donor, just like Ric.” No one ever imagined Logan would fulfill that wish so soon.



For Ric Suggitt’s ripple to become a wave, the Boulet family needed to step up into the spotlight at the worst time of their lives. And they did. Toby and Bernie made their first formal presentation on their experience at The Kidney Foundation’s Gala in Saskatoon in October. “What made it good was to share my stories about Logan. I got to talk about my son,” says Bernie. “People were so kind, thoughtful, understanding and grateful. People began to hear our story … Logan’s story… to hear the impact of his donation… to feel the ripple effect.”

“Have that kitchen table talk with your family. Make sure they know your wishes about organ donation,” says Toby. “We know firsthand how important that is.”

Bernie can’t believe how far word has spread. And how the impact of one small decision has sparked a national movement. “It started with Ric, then Logan, then the wave across Canada. But it goes so much farther than that. Getting a transplant has a huge impact on the recipient and their entire family! So, the ripple effect goes forward for generations,” says Bernie with a quiet smile. “The Logan Boulet Effect has resonated with Canadians because they want something good to come out of this tragedy,” says Toby. “That’s the story people will remember. That’s the story going forward.”



On April 7, 2019, a year to the day that Logan Boulet became an organ donor, thousands of Canadians from coast to coast to coast celebrated the first annual Green Shirt Day. Canadians from all walks of life posted pictures on social media wearing their green shirts with heartfelt messages celebrating the #LoganBouletEffect. Hockey teams and schools hosted Green Shirt Day events, and Don Cherry and Ron MacLean invited viewers to celebrate the Boulets and the lives saved by organ donors during the Hockey Night in Canada broadcast. Jann Arden posted on Instagram wearing her green shirt, declaring she’s registered as a donor, and the Prime Minister of Canada met with the Boulets, posting on social media. Cities and provinces across Canada formally proclaimed Green Shirt Day. All of this resulted in a record numbers of registrations nation-wide.

The Boulet Family remains ever grateful to their community for all their support as everyone continues to move forward after the tragedy. Moving forward does not mean forgetting as events like Whoop Up Days allow for another opportunity to remember Logan Boulet and his Legacy – Work Hard – Play Hard – Have FUN!